WS>>I Was Wrong About Bush

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Posner is an idiot and a fraud. He has ZERO credibility. Even if he does
agree with Bush, Posner will forever be a liar.


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> Good to see Posner come around to an enlightened view albeit on the bit
> johnny-come-lately side.  Especially interesting is his realization that
> chameleon Clinton could not really provide the kind of unequivocal
> leadership we need in these times.   Liberals have a difficult time
> seeing ANYTHING clearly because they are blinded by their false
> assumptions about what is so regarding  everything from economics to
> human nature.  Bush was Bush before 9/11.  Posner couldn't see the man
> for what he was because  his liberal assumptions (including
> disinformation generated by the liberal  press) got in the way.  Now, he
> thinks Bush has grown to meet the crisis.  Although Posner understands
> more than he did before, in a way, he still doesn't get it.
> Bill
> carl william spitzer iv wrote:
> >
> >           He's proved himself to be the leader America needs.
> >           BY GERALD POSNER
> >           Tuesday, September 25, 2001
> >
> >           What a difference 10 months make. Last November I broke
> >      the  unwritten rule that requires journalists to be  neutral
> >      political observers when I got embroiled in the  controversy
> >      over  the  presidential election and publicly  supported  Al
> >      Gore.
> >
> (snip)
> >           I must sadly admit that Bill Clinton, for whom I  voted
> >      twice, could not have delivered that same clear speech  last
> >      Thursday.  His  almost compulsive need to please  all  sides
> >      would have prevented him from casting the issues as  starkly
> >      or as unequivocally.
> >
> >           My  late father used to tell me that one of  the  hall-
> >      marks  of good character is the courage to  admit  mistakes.
> >      Most people who lock themselves into a public position  want
> >      to keep defending their original stance, even when in  their
> >      heart  they know subsequent events have proven  them  incor-
> >      rect.
> >
> >           Well,  I was vocal last year in stating my firm  belief
> >      that the wrong man was elected president. Now I am compelled
> >      to  admit I was mistaken. The best man for  this  incredibly
> >      hard campaign is now president. I suspect many of my  fellow
> >      Democrats feel exactly the same way.

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