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Jose Rojas jrojas at MINDSPRING.COM
Sun Feb 24 15:31:34 MST 2002

Open Windows Explorer - find a picture, jpg file I guess. Click on it to
hi-light it, don't open it. Hit the shift button and right-click on the
picture - one of your menu options will be to "open with" - select open
with - chose a program you want to use to view pictures with. Place a
checkmark by "always use this program..."

>From now on, those kind of pictures will be open by that program.



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  I've got a problem with reference to being able to view files such as JPG
or GIF, due to the fact I had previously installed a viewer called "Iviewer"
or something to that effect.  After I installed it, the darn thing changed
every pic file to be read only by that viewer.  Now when I attempt to view
the file, the computer looks for the viewer software, which has been
un-installed on my computer.  Does Windows 98 have the ability to change
what type of viewer the files can be seen with (I hope that makes sense)?  I
didn't care for the previous viewer because it had too many bugs in it.
Thanking you in advance for any assistance in this matter and for taking the
time to read this post/request.

  Richard Whitenight
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