Ex-NBA Star Jayson Williams Under Arrest

Richard A Whitenight rum.runner at JUNO.COM
Mon Feb 25 08:43:24 MST 2002

Ex-NBA star Jason Williams has turned himself to a New Jersey police
department on charges that he shot and killed his limousine driver at a
party held in his palatial home in New Jersey on Valentine's day.
Allegedly Williams was twirling a loaded shotgun, which went off and shot
the victim.  The victim bled to death on the floor in the room in which
he was shot in.  Initially guests were saying that the victim had
committed suicide, but eventually guests start saying a different story.
If convicted of Manslaughter, he could receive a 10 year sentence, but if
convicted of aggravated manslaughter, he could face a 30 year sentence.
News at 11!
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