Giving New Meaning To "Down & Dirty"

Jim jnantz at INFICAD.COM
Mon Feb 25 22:59:22 MST 2002

At 12:03 AM 2/26/02 -0500, you wrote:

>SJC limits prosecution for sodomy
>By John Ellement, Globe Staff, 2/22/2002
>[This story ran on page A1 of the Boston Globe on 2/22/2002.]
>In a ruling hailed as historic by gay rights advocates, the state's highest
>court yesterday gutted longstanding sodomy laws, ruling that people who
>engage in sodomy in semipublic places such as parking lots, wooded areas,
>and public beaches cannot be prosecuted as long as they make sure they
>cannot be seen by others.

Let me see if I have this right.  In the People's republic of Massachusets
the faggots can go at it in the city parks.  Can anyone tell me why the
queers have to do it in public places?  Why can't they get a motel room or
better yet do it at home?

I wonder how much anti queer violence this will cause.

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