Giving New Meaning To "Down & Dirty"

wbwhite wbwhite at MADBBS.COM
Tue Feb 26 03:54:08 MST 2002

    From reading and observation,  I gather that radical homosexuals enhance the
thrill of their encounters by cruising, which includes having multiple partners,
performing lewd acts in public areas, where there is danger of discovery, and
shocking the heterosexual community, whom they view as a political adversary.   Gay
activists often promote and defend this radical view of the "gay lifestyle."  It is
a kind of squirrel-in-the-attic view of life, which tries to undercut mainstream
mores, for the sake of the thrill that these individuals seem to get from breaking
or destroying a way of life that ordinary and decent heterosexual adults are trying
to protect.  This wing of the "gay activists" is quite different from homosexuals
who just want to life quietly and as harmoniously as possible with a companion in a
long term relationship without disturbing their neighbors.


Jim wrote:

> Let me see if I have this right.  In the People's republic of Massachusets
> the faggots can go at it in the city parks.  Can anyone tell me why the
> queers have to do it in public places?  Why can't they get a motel room or
> better yet do it at home?
> I wonder how much anti queer violence this will cause.

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