Jim jnantz at INFICAD.COM
Wed Feb 27 19:58:58 MST 2002

Hardly anybody has been posting to the rushtalk list lately.  What's going
on?  Don't tell my you're all working and making obscene amounts of money.

Here's something I stumbled across yesterday that might get this list
humming again.  Go to the Fox News site.  Once there you'll see a search
option near the upper left.  In the space where you type what you're
searching for, enter (without the quotes) "Stratton Ohio", and read the

Here's one paragraph from one of the articles:

"You think it's a beautiful idea that I have to ask the government for
permission before I can go down the street ... and say, 'I want to talk to
you about the situation with garbage pickup?"' an incredulous Justice
Anthony M. Kennedy asked the town's lawyer. "That's astounding."

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