Iowa ISD Overstepping It's Authority?

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Wed May 1 19:21:12 MDT 2002

YES they overstepped their bounds  The only thing the kids should get is
a bill at market rate for rental on the camera, unless they had
permission to take it home.


Rihard A Whitenight <rum.runner at JUNO.COM>
Six students from a school district in Iowa have been suspended from
school for ten days for lewd and lascivious activities.  Here's the
details as I heard them on The O'Reilly Factor:

Five boys and one girl are at a private home having a party or get
together.  At this event, the girl begins to take her clothes off.  A
student who had brought a school-owned digital camera from school, begins
taking pictures of the girl as she strips.  The camera changes hands and
most of the boys take a photo of her.  The party at that house breaks up
and the students then head for another location or home in Ames, IA.   At
this location, the pictures on the disc are shown to other individuals.
Eventually all individuals leave this location and head for home.

Subsequently, word of this photo taking activity gets out to authorities
at the school where these students attend, who eventually advise them
that they would be suspended for ten days for their taking part in the
incident.  They even advised they would call in the police department.

The police are called in and advise that no offense took place (I suspect
because there was no display of these pics to the public and all were
willing or consenting individuals, even though the individuals in this
incident were minors).  Five of the six individuals have acquired a
lawyer to file suit against the ISD, citing they had no authority to
suspend the children for an activity that took place on a weekend, not an
organized activity by the school, and not on school property (i.e.
private home); citing the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

The only aspect of this case that has anything to do with the school, was
that the camera used was school property.

Using the above cited elements of this event, do you believe that the
school district overstepped its bounds in suspending these kids for ten
days for an activity that took place off campus (non-school event), on a
weekend, and at a private residence?

YES NO UNSURE You make the call.  Click on any of the above hyperlinks
and your answer will reach me directly.  You may add comments if you

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