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     DATE: May 2, 2002


     FROM: Jennifer Bingham, Executive Director
     (Executive.Director at

     The  National Organization for Women and Planned  Parenthood
     are  working  to activate their pro-abortion  supporters  to
     oppose  a  Department  of Health and  Human  Services  (HHS)
     proposed rule.

     The  HHS proposed rule would make unborn  children  eligible
     for  prenatal  care under the State  Children's  Health  In-
     surance Program (SCHIP).

     Currently children under the age of 19 are covered.  The new
     rule would allow children to be covered from conception.

     The  expanded SCHIP rule would give many women who  are  not
     eligible  for  Medicaid the resources to carry  and  deliver
     healthy  children.   Pregnant women and unborn  children  at
     risk  of complications would receive the  medical  treatment
     they need.

     Radical groups like NOW and Planned Parenthood have  opposed
     the  proposed rule.  NOW asked their supporters to write  to
     HHS  and  oppose "Fetal Personhood."  This  is  how  extreme
     these groups are!

     Click here to write to HHS in support of the proposed rule.

     The  letters need to be received by 5:00 pm on  Monday,  May
     6th so mail in your letter today!

     Thanks for your help!


     Jennifer Bingham

     Executive Director

     P.S.   If you would like to help the Susan B.  Anthony  List
     with these critical pro-life activities, click here:

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