What a piece of S$%T

Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Mon May 6 03:11:39 MDT 2002

Jim, this may really bother you to read this, but you
have "junk mail" to thank for postal rates being so low.
Move to Germany, start paying $1$ per letter for similar
service and you'll see what happens when an operation
with large fixed expenses tries  to keep volume down.
Spreading those expenses over a large volume is why you
get to pay so little.

Does the phone company use profit from telemarketing
terrorist to lower you bill?

> Tom I can expect a biased opinion from you.  After
>all you work for the post office.  I find junk mail
> worse than the telemarketing terrorists.  I can
>tell the phone company I don't want my name given out
> to these sleazeballs....

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