vegans busted for starving baby

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Mon May 6 04:57:24 MDT 2002

At 08:42 PM 5/5/2002, Richard A Whitenight wrote:

>People fail to realize that a growing baby requires ALL nutrients, many of
>which vegetables can not provide.

         Excellent point, Richard!! Any competent nutritionist, or even a
pediatric doctor will tell you that it's not wise to experiment with the
diet of anyone under 16 years of age. While this entire list COULD go
"veggie" without serious health risks, we are all full-grown adults. I
wouldn't recommend that you SERIOUS right-wingers make such an attempt,
though. A vegan diet smacks heavily of liberalism, which CAN cause brain
damage from profound, whip-saw changes in one's philosophy.              :-)

>A vege diet may be fine for a young adult or teen, but a baby requires the
>right amount of intake to survive and grow properly.


John Q.
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