Catholics and the United nations

Gary Freitag gfreitag at GREATBATCH.COM
Thu May 9 06:58:01 MDT 2002

I do not believe the UN has any such clause prohibiting the them from
meddling in religion along with many other US Constitutional protections.
You could also argue that the UN has a religious nature.  Hence, they wish
to supplant peoples loyalties to their faith with that of the UN.

>Heard on the news today that there is huge call for the United Nations to
>embroil itself in the problems with the Catholic Church.  I wonder if
>are the same people who want Religion removed from everything.  You know,
>keep religion out of government, by gosh have government involved in
>I guess their interpretation of separation of Church and State only works
>in one direction.  No church in state, but plenty of state in church.

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