Catholics and the United nations

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Thu May 9 21:47:09 MDT 2002

At 07:42 PM 5/8/2002, Stephen A. Frye wrote:

>Heard on the news today that there is huge call for the United Nations to
>embroil itself in the problems with the Catholic Church.

         This is honestly LAUGHABLE, since they refuse to allow the Vatican
to have an NGO seat.

>I wonder if these are the same people who want Religion removed from

         Bet the rent...............

>You know, keep religion out of government, by gosh have government
>involved in religion.

         These idiots want government involved in EVERYTHING!!!

>I guess their interpretation of separation of Church and State only works
>in one direction. No church in state, but plenty of state in church.

         This won't ever happen, since the Holy Father will never agree to
the UN's stance on abortion and birth control - which is very likely why
the Vatican isn't being welcomed. Furthermore, there will be mass violence,
should the UN press the issue with the Church. Fact of the matter is that
the UN is equally as bad (if not worse) than the Catholic Church, in terms
of pedophilia.

John Q.
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