Dems All Aflap Over A Picture

Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Thu May 16 06:20:34 MDT 2002

I don't get it.  The picture of the President in action
seems pretty benign.... not like he was SELLING THE
LINCOLN BEDROOM... or I forgot, the Dems think that's OK

> Did anyone catch Donna "The Black Whore Bitch" Braziele on The O'Reilly
> Factor tonight.  She was the DemocRATS pit pull, trying to get out their
> trash talk about the RNC taking advantage of 9.11 by selling a picture of
> Bush sitting in Air Force 1, apparently talking to Cheney on the
> telephone, looking out the window, at who knows what.  Are the DummycRATS
> getting so hard up that they send this whore on TV to pitch their case to
> the people?
> Richard

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