Mom A Stripper - Daughter Expelled From School

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Our girls go to public school. My oldest, Tia is in the chorus. Last December, they caught flack from the press and parents because their music choices were too religious. There is equal amounts of christians and jews in our district.  As I recall, they did about equal numbers of christian, hebrew and holiday songs, but yet the uproar.  Here we are again for spring concert. Guess what?  Much less religious music.  It's just crazy.   I don't understand why this just can't be what it is. Beautiful music.
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  This was a PRIVATE school. As far as I know strippers aren't a protected class.



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    It's a private school? Then they should be allowed to
    run it as they see fit and according their own their
    own rules.

    I'm sorry for the child's school woes, but why isn't
    it the mother's choices causing the trouble? I'm
    sorry, too, for the example mom is setting for the
    girl. I'm convinced that if mom told the school, "Yes,
    this is antithetical to your values, and it also is a
    lousy role model for me to set for my daughter, and I
    will stop herewith and get a legitimate job," the
    school's officials would reconsider.

    Christ's forgiveness of Magdalene was conditional:
    "Go, and sin no more," he said, not "Go and do
    whatever it takes to make quick and easy money."

    "Holier Than Thou," all too often is a trite and
    convenient put-down of people who have standards and
    won't compromise them. I carry no brief for
    Christains, but I admire that.


    --- Richard A Whitenight <rum.runner at JUNO.COM> wrote:
    > A five year old girl has been expelled from an
    > Oregon Christian school
    > because it was discovered that her mother was a
    > stripper.  How far will
    > the "holier than thou's" go?  Where do they get the
    > right to play God?
    > Richard

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