Rookie Cops Who Cheat!

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Sat May 18 01:23:46 MDT 2002

Great link!   Thanks, John.  The PC/PR campaign has tried to bury the
issue of MLK's plagiarism (and other "boundary-crossing issues").   He
galvanized a movement, but a saint he was not.


  "John A. Quayle" wrote:

>  At 10:50 AM 5/17/2002, MC Spearing wrote:
>> Just a bit o' nitpickery here, but to "partly plagiarize" is like to
>> partly impregnate. If MLK plagiarized, then he plagiarized, and that
>> makes him a
>> plagiarist. If truly a plagiarist in completing a final college
>> paper, regardless of when it was discovered, the thesis or
>> dissertation should have been pulled by the college and whatever
>> degree it conferred rescinded.
> There seems to be compelling evidence that MLK also plagiarized his "I
> Have A Dream" speech. Go here
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