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Tue May 21 06:54:21 MDT 2002

At 10:57 PM 5/20/02 -0400, you wrote:
>At 10:16 PM 5/20/2002, Jim wrote:
>>I don't care if it's 4%, 6% or 100% of the priests who have molested
>>children. The point is that the church has covered it up.
>         Jim, you missed MY point that this stuff is isolated and there
> was no edict from the Vatican to "cover it up"...................those
> who DID cover anything up, did so of their own volition.

Maybe not directly, but don't cardinals (don't know about bishops etc) take
an oath to not harm the church no matter what?

>>I would not want anything to do with an organization that does nothing to
>>its members who harm children.
>         The show isn't over, yet.....................there will be
> justice meted out.

I anxiously await.

>>I would not contribute money to such an organization. I just can't
>>understand why people would chose to be members of an organization that
>>covers up for members who molest children.
>         Jim, I can't understand WHY you're treating this like it was
> official church policy..................it WASN'T!

Tell us, John.  What was the official church policy for dealing with known
sex offenders?

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