What do you say now?

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Tue May 21 08:45:38 MDT 2002

Thanks Stephen, you have written exactly how I feel.

As for defending the organization Jim, originally some of us were defending
the rule of law, not necessarily the church.

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>If I understand correctly, they are not necessarily supporting the
>organization per se but are supporting the Catholic religion.

It may run deeper.  I think many support the idealistic organization.  And
they, at the same time, strive to envision the humanly flawed organization
in that light of perfection.  It's frustrating, because human imperfections
almost never measure up to our imagination of the ideal.  Couple that with
the media frenzy we are currently experiencing and are yet to experience,
and there will be much disillusionment.  But, at the same time, many, if
not most, of the loyalties will remain as the vision of the perfection of
God will shine through the sins of some of those in the organization

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