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[Both Limbaugh and Quinn predicted this.....]


In the last few months, the lines have sharpened in what may prove to be a
culture war for the new century. The battlefield is the American diet,
particularly that of the nation's teenagers, according to The New York Times. ( )

The two biggest states, Texas and California, are moving toward phasing out
junk food in schools, as are many school districts in other states. Lawyers who
pioneered suits against tobacco companies have set their sights on what they
call Big Food as the next target. Class-action lawsuits have been filed in New
York and Florida contending that processed foods with little nutritional value
have misled consumers. The lawyers filing these suits hope to do to Mega Gulps
and Twinkies what they did to Joe Camel and tobacco.

In "When Theft Masquerades as Law," ( ) Senior Fellow in
Constitutional Studies Robert A. Levy explains government lawsuits against
socially unpopular -- but deep-pocketed -- industries including gun
manufacturers, HMOs, and tobacco companies. He writes: "When we condone the
selective and retroactive application of extraordinary legal principles,
intended specifically to transfer resources from disfavored defendants to
favored plaintiffs -- or indeed to the public sector -- we substitute
political cronyism for fundamental fairness, make a mockery of justice, and
trample on our precious liberty."

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