What do you say now?

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>>i have read all the posts on this subject as of this writing.  i am not a
>>catholic, but i am a Christian.  i believe what the Bible says.
>>(so far) where the catholic church stands on this issue is in DIRECT
>>conflict with what the Bible teaches.
>         How so?!? The Catholic Church DOESN'T condone molestation, at
> all! Furthermore, they don't condone practicing a gay lifestyle.
>i guess this particular line was in reference to some reports where high
>officials in the catholic church are now instructing that nothing be
>turned over to legal officials.

>they seem to rather 'handle' the affair internally.  which, of course, is
>what has already happened for we don't know how many years Now.  AND,
>there seems to be a rather large number (ANY is too many) of officials in
>the catholic church completely unwilling to condemn these actions, much
>less take any sort of disciplinary action.

         Those who oppose may also find themselves "on the
outs"..........let's wait and see........

John Q.
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