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     Wednesday,   March  26--NewsMax's  nationwide  campaign   to
     "Boycott  France" hit a major milestone today when  the  New
     York  Times  published our advertisement in its  print  edi-

     The  Boycott  France  ad called for a  complete  boycott  of
     French  goods  and services, and offered a  list  of  French
     companies and products that are on the boycott list.

     You can see the NY Times ad by clicking here now:

     Already  NewsMax  has received a tremendously  positive  re-
     sponse to the ad.

     The New York Times is one of the most influential newspapers
     in the world--and has several million  readers each day.

     With the help of our readers, NewsMax has placed ads in  the
     Washington Times and New York Times, as well as having  sent
     more  than  10 million e-mails urging a French  boycott  and
     providing the boycott list.

     France  worked  overtime to undermine America's  efforts  to
     disarm Iraq peacefully.

     France led an anti-American coalition, and continues to lead
     one. French President Chirac recently called the U.S. war in
     Iraq  "illegal" and vowed to prevent the U.S. from  adminis-
     tering Iraq after the U.S. defeats Saddam Hussein.

     Now,  you can send a message to Chirac and the French.  Help
     NewsMax's "Boycott France" campaign!

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