Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Sat Apr 5 07:35:46 MST 2003

There is a list of criteria for determining c.o. status (15 or 20 items I
think). Religious beliefs, membership in certain organizations, participation
in certain activities, etc....

Declaring yourself a conscientious objector is one thing, the military agreeing
that you are one is another.  I had two ROTC buddies back in the 70's who
decided to claim they were c.o.'s (after uncle sugar had paid for their
college) and it only worked for one of them.

The other one did too good of a job of looking like a c.o.  He apparently was
well aware of the criteria and had done a textbook perfect job of filling all
the squares. His c.o. status was denied.  He was refused a commission and given
a date for boot camp.  He fled the country (after 3.9 years of college) to
evade his obligation.  He wound up being a dropout fugitive instead of a
commissioned graduate ... all AFTER peace had broken out in Nam.


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