me vs a liberal idiot

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Sun Apr 6 01:26:08 MST 2003

Nicely done, might also remind the rapscallion that it was
those hated Yanks who cornered Adolf Hitler, leading the coward to take his
own life, rather than face war crimes charges. If it weren't for us,
there'd have been a united Europe. Wait! Adolf's dream occurred despite our
best efforts. The E.U. is proof-positive those fools have an ultra-short

John Q.

At 06:18 PM 4/5/2003 -0700, Jim Nantz wrote:

>Recently I sent an email to a member of another list I'm on who started
>spouting vicious pro Saddam propaganda and insulting what he called the
>"stupid yanks."  Today he replied with a short message that in typical
>liberal fashion insulted the person whom he disagreed with instead
>of  responding with a rational reply to that which he disagreed with.  I've
>included the liberal's message and my replies to it.  His message is in all
>caps, his idea.
>At 10:14 PM 4/5/2003 +0000, The liberal wrote:
>If the women are driving a van toward the Marines and refusing to stop,
>then the Marines should shoot them.  In case you haven't heard, the Iraqis
>are kidnapping people and threatening to kill them if their relatives do
>not drive a car full of explosives to where some US or British forces are
>and blow themselves up like the Palestinean terrorists do in Isreal.
>Then again you probably think that's ok for them to kill innocent children
>on a bus while they're trying to go to school.  How come you don't have the
>same hatred for Saddam and his people that you have for the Americans?  If
>the Americans are so terrible then why are they bringing in food and water
>for civilians in areas where it's safe to do so?  If the Americans are so
>terrible then why didn't they take out the electricity in Baghdad the first
>night the war began?  If the Americans are so terrible as you say, then why
>didn't they carpet bomb Baghdad?  Why did they use prescision guided bombs
>to hit only the targets they were interested in and not nearby civilian
>targets?  Why don't you have the same hatred for the Russians who are
>selling the Iraqis GPS jamming devices when these make the bombs go off
>target and hit the nearby civilians instead of the intended military
>target?  How come you don't have such hatred for the Iraqi government who
>has several chemical weapons plants including one that made phosgene that
>was discovered in recent days?  Why do people such as yourself always align
>yourselves with the tyrants who do commit atrocities against their own
>people on a regular basis?
>In this country you are what we would call a liberal.  You do not come up
>with a rational argument to anything that I said in the last message I sent
>to you.  Because you don't have any rational replies to what I wrote, you
>result to name calling and hurling insults.  If you actually bothered to
>read my last note to you, you would have realized that I responded with
>rational ideas to your pro Iraqi propaganda.
>When I read your notes, for some reason I'm reminded of Lord Haw Haw.  He
>also took sides with a dictator who used poison gas on civilians in his own
>country and shared many other qualities with Saddam.
>Glad to be of service.  If you ever need to be made sick again, please let
>me know and I'll be happy to help.
>I suppose you're right.  Some people belive it's ok for a ruler of a
>country to use poison gas on his own citizens, men, women and
>children.  Some people believe it's ok for a ruler of a nation to torture
>people whose relatives disagree with him.  Some people believe it's ok for
>a ruler to have a policy of raping women whose relatives disagree with
>official government policy.  Some people believe it's ok for a ruler to
>give a family US$25,000 when their son blows himself up taking a school bus
>with him or their daughter blows herself up in a grocery store full of
>people.   Yes it's no wonder some people hate Americans.
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