Liberals Are In Hyper-Drive..........Falling Apart At The Seams.

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Sun Apr 6 01:31:37 MST 2003

[from Newsmax:]

1. U.N. Folding Saddam's Tent

In a sign of the noose closing on the Iraqi senior leadership, Iraqi 
diplomatic sources tell NewsMax's U.N. correspondent Stewart Stogel that 
the move to have the U.N. General Assembly condemn the coalition led by 
U.S. and Britain might not come to a vote as they had hoped.

Though the Iraqi mission strongly believes it has the votes to pass the 
resolution (simple majority of 190 members, no vetoes allowed in General 
Assembly) it seems "the momentum" is not there for a full-scale debate on a 
rapidly developing situation.

Read this as most countries realizing the Iraqi dictatorship is history 
and, as such, these folks want to keep all their options open in dealing 
with any new regime.

As such, the Iraqi ambassador and his senior staff are now relegated to 
watching cable news channels for most of their information and spending 
remaining time trying to reach friends and relatives back home 
(unsuccessfully) to see if they are OK.

The Damascus channel through which the remains of the Iraqi Foreign 
Ministry had been sending out messages to their remaining diplomatic posts 
is down, at least for now.


2. Iraqi Soldiers: We Had to Eat Grass, Witness Executions

         Human Rights Watch on Friday revealed the first independent, 
substantial information about Iraqi army deserters since the war began, and 
it ain't pretty.  Many of the 26 soldiers interviewed by the organization 
spoke of extremely low pay ($2 or even less a month) and meager food 
rations. One witness described the summary execution of 10 suspected 
deserters. Others said they knew of execution squads of 10 to 12 men.

         "Some days we were so hungry we would eat grass, which we mixed 
with a little water," said a 21-year-old soldier from Baghdad whose unit 
was part of the Fifth Corps. "We didn't wash ourselves for 40 days. Often 
there was no drinking water, and they would give us jerry cans and tell us 
to go and fill them from the pools of water that gathered on the ground 
when it rained."

         Some of the Iraqi soldiers described inhumane punishments 
including beatings or being forced to crawl across stones on their bare 
knees or backs. One showed the scars on his back from this punishment. 
Their officers frequently warned them that they would be executed if they 
tried to escape. Several deserters said their officers forced them to 
remain in their positions during the air strikes, telling them to "die like 

         The eyewitness to an execution said that on March 26, 10 deserters 
were brought to an open field where a colonel had gathered other units to 
witness the execution. "This is what happens to betrayers of our nation," 
the colonel told the assembled troops, according to the witness. He then 
began shooting the alleged deserters one by one. Other members of the 
execution squad joined in. The colonel then ordered the bodies to be 
dragged up onto a hillside so the soldiers would have a better view of the 


3. Putting Saddam's Billions to Work

         The U.S. is eager to keep Saddam Hussein's billions out of the 
mitts of globalist European bureaucrats and instead put it in the hands of 
Iraq's new government. Saddam's fortune is estimated at some $8-10 billion. 
As it turns out, some of Saddam's stolen cash was funneled into a front 
company that owns - you guessed it - a hefty chunk of one of France's 
largest media companies.  American officials hope a tribunal will stave off 
court battles in dozens of countries to fork over Saddam's accounts, funded 
by smuggling of oil and cigarettes, BusinessWeek magazine reports.


4. Scaredy-Cat Saddam in Syria?

         For those who want to play another round of the Saddam guessing 
game, DEBKAfile reported earlier this week that the dictator fled to 
Latakiya, Syria. True, Iraqi TV on Friday was touting an appearance by 
"Saddam," but was it him or one of his many doubles?


5. Clinton Redux: Democrats Abroad Denounce U.S.

         Remember how Bill Clinton demonstrated against America while a 
student at Oxford University? It's déjà vu all over again, with leftist 
Democrats railing against the U.S. with a bunch of unrepentant communists 
in Moscow.  The Moscow Times this past week noted that 6,000 people, mostly 
communists but including a handful of Americans, attended a demonstration 
that was "a mass of red flags and 'Yankee Go Home' badge-wearing 

         The newspaper reported that a group called Democrats Abroad 
organized the event. On its Web site, the outfit calls itself "The official 
Democratic Party organization for some six million American citizens who 
live outside the United States." Its stated mission: "We work to support 
the aims and principles of the Democratic Party. We are recognized as a 
'state' committee by the Democratic National Committee and are represented 
on the DNC by eight members."

         GOPUSA News called the DNC for comment, but as you can imagine, 
the Democrat establishment is refusing to comment. The Times quoted one 
Tanya Abrams, a student on a U.S. taxpayer-funded fellowship to Moscow 
State Institute of International Relations, as claiming President Bush is 
"ignoring the will of the people. He can't convince anyone in the world 
except for Britain. I'm embarrassed to be an American."

         We agree with you on one thing, toots: We're also embarrassed that 
you're an American.  
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