me vs a liberal idiot

Jim Nantz jnantz2 at GETNET.NET
Sun Apr 6 12:02:13 MDT 2003

At 04:26 AM 4/6/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Nicely done, might also remind the rapscallion that it was
>those hated Yanks who cornered Adolf Hitler, leading the coward to take
>his own life, rather than face war crimes charges. If it weren't for us,
>there'd have been a united Europe. Wait! Adolf's dream occurred despite
>our best efforts. The E.U. is proof-positive those fools have an
>ultra-short memory.
>John Q.

About a week ago I sent him the following message:

Stupid Yanks?  Would these be the same stupid Yanks who invented the
Internet?  Would this be the same stupid Yanks who saved your country's ass
from the Germans in world war 2?  Would this be the same stupid Yanks who
put men on the moon several times and brought them home safe?

If these stupid Yanks are such terrible people, then why are there
McDonald's everywhere?  If people all over the world didn't like the food
there, they wouldn't go there to eat would they?  If people all over the
world didn't like to eat at McDonald's they wouldn't have restaurants all
over the world.  If people the world over didn't like to drink Coca Cola,
you wouldn't see it all over the world would you?

About the oil issue.  If it were all about oil, why didn't Bush the Elder
keep Kuwait after driving the Iraqis out in 1991?  If it were all about
oil, why  are there Americans in Kosovo?  Also there are Americans in parts
of what was Yugoslavia.  If it's all about oil, why are Americans in Haiti
or the Phillipines?

Also don't forget that the U.N. passed resolutions in 1991 requiring that
Iraq meet certain conditions as a condition of ending the
hostilities.  Saddam was supposed to destroy his weapons of mass
destruction.  He didn't.  He was still making poison gas, growing germs and
working on his nuke program at least until a few hours ago.

I suppose if a serial rapist were raping women in your neighborhood that
you would not advocate calling the police to catch him for fear this would
make him angry.  In case you haven't noticed, Saddam is as bad as Hitler or
worse.  Saddam has been known to use poison gas on entire villages in his
own country.  Don't give me that crap about the US supposedly giving him
the gas.  He's had the means to make his own for a long time.

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