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[Dr. Bollinger appears to be a stand up guy:]

        I want to acknowledge your email message concerning Assistant Professor De
Genova's remarks. I am appalled by his outrageous comments. I want to
assure you that his comments in no way represent my views nor anyone with
whom I have spoken at the University. His comments were not made in a
classroom, but rather at a teach-in, an informal gathering where faculty
and students come together to discuss and debate the pressing and important
issues of the moment. They are not authorized or officially sanctioned
classroom experiences.

        Assistant Professor De Genova was exercising his freedom of speech when he
made those remarks.  However, free speech does not insulate him from
criticism. Our faculty and students, regardless of their position on the
war, have not been silent in their denunciation of his remarks.

        While Nicholas De Genova's words properly invite anger and sharp rebuke,
there are few things more precious on any University campus than freedom of
thought and expression. That is the teaching of the First Amendment and I
believe it should be the principle we live by at Columbia University.

        I appreciate your adding your voice to those who have expressed their
opinions. At a time of war, when American troops are in harm's way, his
comments are especially disturbing. I am particularly saddened for the
families of those whose lives are at risk and who must endure the pain
provoked by his statements.


Lee C. Bollinger
Columbia University
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