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.                        From the Home of Rich & Peggy Martin

.                'Let us speak courteously, deal fairly, and keep ourselves 
.                and ready.' - Teddy Roosevelt, 1903

.                                 RICH'S RANTS

         According to the mass media, this war should have been over a long 
time ago; perhaps even before it was launched. They say the "plan failed" 
because the people of Iraq have not welcomed US as their savior. But the 
truth is, for any discerning citizen, this is pure propaganda. No one ever 
thought the war would be over in a week or three. That's nuts. How do I 
know? Think back; what did they say BEFORE the war? They said they wanted 
to launch the attack at the end of January, under cover of a new moon. They 
explained January was chosen because they didn't want to have to be 
fighting in their bio suits in the hot summer months when it reaches 110 
degrees in the desert. They said, and the media reported and since 
"forgot", they hoped to "win" in 5 months (Feb, Mar, April, May, June). 
Obviously, the generals aren't lying when they say they are executing their 
plan better than they could have hoped in their wildest dreams.

         Govt sources say we are bombing the Republic Guard from behind 
while our ground forces pummel them from the front. They say the bombing is 
necessary to keep them from fading back into Baghdad and melting into the 
civilian population. Problem is: They aren't currently in the dessert.
The Guard is dug in at the suburbs of Baghdad, assuring plenty of 
collateral damage when attacked. "Friendly Fire, such as when the British 
Tornado was taken out by a US Patriot battery, is another type of 
collateral damage. The son and brother of the Kurd president of North Iraq 
(yes, Saddam is/was not president of all of Iraq) was among 18 victims of 
another friendly fire mishap.

         In recent days, we have lost an F-18, Blackhawk & Apache 
helicopters and an S-3 carrier prop plane, at least. Make no mistake about 
it, we will have to pay for their replacements, even if Bush reduced our 
tax load to 0.0%, but can you imagine what the media would be saying had we 
lost 100
planes in the Battle for Bahgdad? Consider this, we lost 150 planes at the 
Battle of Midway, and that is what became the "turning point of the war in 
the Pacific." Have lost our perspective, or what?

         Like many of US, the media is fixated on whether Saddam, is dead 
or seriously wounded? Both sides have a vested interest to deny rumors such 
as the one claiming he died in a hospital as a result of wounds inflicted 
in Operation Decapitation. Based what I see reported on TV, I suspect many 
in the mass media have a different, more enlightened opinion. With that 
said, it sure is a shame that the Israel-style assassination wasn't 
successful. Like most Americans, I hope he's dead and fear he's not.

         A so-called news reporter on FOX TV claimed that Iraqi's were 
arming children as young as 10 (ten) to shoot coalition forces. C'mon now, 
nobody's that stupid. They'd be better off giving the gun to a 60-year-old 
grandmother. At least she'd know which way to point it.

         Let's see if I got this right. Civilians are taking pot shots at 
passing Apache helicopters and THEY are terrorists. Civilians, or 
para-military dressed as civilians, pretend to surrender, to set a trap for 
the invading army, and THEY are terrorists. How can anyone, military or 
otherwise, be a terrorist when he's attacking an Abrams tank? When the 
Secty of War, er, Defense parses the English language to make such false 
accusations, he is being disingenuous.

         We act shocked and awed to hear Saddam orders his officers to 
shoot troops (and reportedly fleeing civilians which we say we can't 
distinguish from military), trying to surrender. Huh? All armies, from the 
French Foreign Legion to the modern armies of today, shoot deserters 
without contacting a JAG officer.

         It was a pleasant surprise to find out that Jessica Lynch was 
having her wounds tended to in an Iraqi hospital. It wasn't surprising to 
find out they were not gun and knife wounds, as first reported. I was 
horrified to think they were going to amputate her leg because of a broken 
ankle. Where the news ends and the propaganda begins, is anyone's guess.

         Some callers to radio shows are rightfully questioning Lynch's 
hero status. What did she do that was so heroic but involuntarily endure 
the pain inflicted by her vile captors? Certainly, she has nothing in 
common with real war heroes like Sgt York or Audie Murphy, who did the 
capturing. She's more like the Senator from Arizona who suffered the same 
fate. More accurately, the heroes in this case were the Iraqi lawyer (wow, 
a lawyer with a heart) who told the Seals & Rangers where to find
the "damsel in distress". Make the Iraqi lawyer a hero and an honorary 
American & may God bless Jessica.

.                                             HUMAN SHIELDS

         I could be wrong about this, but it seems to that the "human 
shields" psychosis is nature's way of cleaning up the gene pool.

.                                         HERE THEY GO AGAIN

         According to Secty Donald Rumsfeld, etal, Saddam is able to move 
thru the tunnels that honeycomb the city. Last time the feds made a charge 
of that type, they were  attacking Mount Carmel. Why do they think we'll 
believe them this time?

.                                        FATHER OF TERRORISM?

         Ever since George Washington refused to meet Cornwallis in the 
open battlefield, the number of civilian casualties in war has grown. 
They've grown so much, we invented a new term to lessen the psychological 
impact: "collateral damage".

.                                                      POWs

         Our mistreatment of prisoners held at Guantanamo is coming back to 
haunt US. Our leaders have forsaken the high ground and succumbed to the 
temptation to use torture to elicit much needed intelligence. What did they 
call them, illegal battlefield combatants without rights to be treated 
humanely in accordance with the Geneva Convention? We want to have it both 

.                                                    AIRLINES

         Fort Worth's largest employer, American Airlines, is in danger of 
following United into bankruptcy. To their credit, the employees have 
agreed to take a sharp cut in pay in exchange for 23% of the stock in the 
near worthless airline. Under the agreement, thousands will be "furloughed" 
as the airline shrinks to match the demand for their services. Even CEO 
Carty chipped in with 1/3 of his salary and offered to forgo his bonus for 
the 3rd year in a row. The choice management & unions
had was to cut costs as they see best now, or wait until a bankruptcy judge 
cuts cost as he/she sees best.

.                        CORPORATE WELFARE

         All too often, our govt leaders think they can improve on our 
competitive supply-and-demand market place. Congress has decided to sweeten 
the generous pot the prez wants to give the airlines to maintain the status 
quo. Given a choice to take, or not take $3 bil from the people and give it 
to airline investors, they chose the latter. IMHO, if we're going to give 
them $3,000,000,000, they should at least give US $3,000,000,000 of their 

.                                                 TEXAS BB

         Texas Tech's basketball coach, Bobby Knight (isn't that fun to 
say), has refused to accept his $250K salary this year because his team did 
not live up to his expectations. It's nice to know that there are still a 
few people in our colleges that teach their students the meaning of honor. 
(FYI, while the Red Raiders did not earn a slot in the NCAA, they did get 
an invitation to the NIT.)

.                                           HIDDEN TAXES

         A few short years ago, a Dallas City Councilman apologized for his 
vote increasing the fine on speeding tickets to $100. It was the first time 
in his political career, he said, that he voted to increase a fine for the 
sole purpose of increasing govt revenue. Well, today the great state of 
Texas is faced with a $10 bil budget deficit, and one of their solutions is 
to fine dummies who turn on the windshield wipers with their lights off 
$200! Whatever happened to common sense? Whatever happened to the
punishment should fit the crime? Can you say Draconian?

.                                                 K-MART

         We were picking the bones of the former #1 national retailer (this 
is K-Mart's last week in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex) when I spied a 
very good looking Sony DVD, but I immediately got suspicious. Not only was 
it attractively priced, it had that cute paunchy Panda-bear look. Sure 
enough, it was made in China, just like the GE appliance we looked at earlier.

.                                       COPS HAVE IMMUNITY

         Recently reported on these pages was a story about a couple of 
cops who falsely accused, and testified in court vs dozens of people, 
mostly immigrants, and are yet unpunished. Apparently they have a similar 
problem in the Texas Panhandle where an exuberant cop did the same. This 
guy targeted blacks, instead of immigrants and he did it for power/ego 
purposes and not money, as in the Dallas case. The prosecutors have 
requested that 38 convictions, including those that confessed, be thrown 
out. They have also recommended that the tax payers pony up a quarter of a 
million dollars to compensate the cop's victims, but no charges have been 
brought Vs the perp---just like in Dallas.

.                                             REMEMBER WHEN...

         ...a couple with 2.3 children could live on one paycheck---and the 
govt gave them a tax break because they were married to each other!

.                   THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO, Hmmm in the night

         We say we went to the Mideast to bring Democracy to the region, 
but the last time a monarchy fell, the USG moved Heaven and Hell to restore 
it. The 800,000 members of the Kuwati Royal Family have since imported 
another 2,000,000 workers bees, er, visitors, to replace the old workforce 
they deported to the land of their ancestors. Hmmm.

         Things you can't say aloud---because the answer might scare you.

         What if  Geo Bush's critics are right and Iraq is declared an 
illegal war in a NWO court and the UN orders US to pay restitution again, 
like we had to for Clinton's misadventures blowing up the aspirin factory 
and the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade?


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