What say you now?

Jim Nantz jnantz2 at GETNET.NET
Thu Apr 10 01:12:05 MDT 2003

The following is a message I just sent to the liberal I've mentioned in
recent days.  I'm awaiting his response.

People are dancing in the streets of Baghdad.

People were cheering as Marines helped them pull down a big statue of Saddam.

One Iraqi who didn't want to wait, was attacking the pedestal of the statue
with a sledgehammer.

People were spitting on portraits of Saddam and hitting them with their
shoes, which is a big insult over there.

Marines are having trouble making it through town because of all the people
wanting to kiss them.

Others were seen kissing photos of George Bush.

Others were shouting "Bush is Great" and "Long live Bush."

Iraqis were also drawing their own American flags and waving these and
displaying them on their vehicles.

What say you now?

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