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         Clinton Slams Bush, Claims U.S. Preparing to Attack N. Korea
Ex-President Bill Clinton's attacks on his successor reached a new low last
week when he told a University of Florida audience that President Bush was
planning to invade North Korea.

         Though Clinton's address was widely covered in the mainstream
press, only the university's campus publication "The Oracle" noted that he
"criticized the Bush administration for looking for multinational support
in a possible North Korean invasion."

         The prediction by the former U.S. president, however erroneous,
that the current commander in chief is preparing for a military strike
against North Korea is likely to further exacerbate tensions between
Pyongyang and Washington, D.C.

         Clinton's comment may also inflame North Korea's already unstable
leader Kim Jong-il, who has become delusional about the prospects of just
such a U.S. attack - and who has lately begun threatening to respond
preemptively with a nuclear attack on the continental United States.

         Though coverage of Clinton's speech last Thursday focused on the
few words he offered in support of the Iraq war effort, local reporters saw
the address very differently.

         "Clinton's central message was a clear rebuke to Bush
administration policies that many believe value unilateral force over
multilateral diplomacy and engagement," reported the Gainesville Sun's
Carrie Miller. In other quotes picked up by the Sun, Clinton painted Bush
as a shoot-first-ask-questions-later cowboy.

         "The Bush administration," the ex-president said, "believes they
should maximize power at home and abroad and force the changes they want
and that multilaterally is often a fool's errand." Clinton suggested that
Bush's approach to foreign policy boiled down to "We've got the power,
we've got the juice, and we should do the job."

         And he made no secret of his own disagreement.

         "I am more in the other camp," the ex-president told the
University of Florida crowd. "I think we ought to bend over backward to
build a world where we are sharing responsibility, sharing benefits and
sharing values."

         Editor's Note: NewsMax's Chris Ruddy and Carl Limbacher first
warned of Clinton's disastrous handling of North Korea in their book
"Bitter Legacy: NewsMax Reveals the Untold Stories of the Clinton-Gore Years."

         In "Bitter Legacy", published months before 9/11, Ruddy and
Limbacher predicted that Clinton had made the US vulnerable to terrorist
strikes on the US homeland. They also revealed that Clinton had helped N.
Korea build its military -- a problem the new Bush administration would be
saddled with. Find out more about "Bitter Legacy" Click Here Now:
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