A note in passing

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Thu Apr 10 23:02:12 MDT 2003

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A Note in Passing
Hey Saddam,

This will be my last note to you. Because you’re dead.

Oh, I know that there is a good chance that you survived that bombing a
couple of days ago. You might very well be walking and breathing, hiding
out somewhere.

But that’s a technicality. You’re just as dead as your hero, Joe Stalin.

You died yesterday, in Firdos Square – the center of Baghdad.

The Iraqi people, the same ones that used to cower in fear at the mention
of your name, put a chain around your neck.

United States Marines attached the chain to an armored vehicle, and toppled

The Iraqis removed your head from your body, and dragged it through the

Men spit on your head. Women and children slapped it with the soles of
their shoes.

They were happy, Saddam. Happy to finally let the world know how much they
hated and despised you.

They never loved you, no matter how much they proclaimed it. They feared
you. It’s not the same thing.

Of course, I am aware that it was only a bronze statue that they
dismembered. But you were never just a man, were you? You were an image.
You were everywhere in Iraq. But you only existed as long as you could make
people fear you.

They don’t fear you anymore.

I hope that you are still breathing. And that you were watching yesterday.

How does it feel, to watch yourself die?

It’s over, Saddam.

You're dead

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