Food For Thought - A Tribute

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FOOD FOR THOUGHT       April 18,  2003

                                 In Tribute

       From Charlton Heston and his wife, Lydia
to our gallant troops in Iraq:

     "There is no duty more noble than that which 
has called you across the world in defense of 
freedom. Yours is a mission of hope and humanity 
for the oppressed. Rest assured that while 
pretend-patriots talk of supporting you, even as 
they condemn your noble cause, an unwavering 
vast majority of Americans share and take pride 
in your mission.

     "You represent all that is good and right about 
America and are the true face of American patriotism. 
You walk in those same righteous footsteps of all 
those patriots who, before you, fought to preserve 
liberty for all. Our prayers and our personal gratitude 
are with you and your families. May God Bless You."
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