Media Bias?!? What's *THAT*???

Charlie Darling csdarling at SNET.NET
Mon Apr 14 04:31:27 MDT 2003

Personally I was SHOCKED AS HECK !   To be forced to realize -

That cnn has been lying - <gasp!> since

How will he recusitate his legacy now that it is out -
  Even his pathological LYING wasn't original ? ? ?

I didn't stop READING cnn until it became OBVIOUS they stood for clinton
news network - but to find they were lying BEFORE - WOW! ! ! That blew my


> CNN's astounding admission
>   Apr 13, 2003
>         In an astounding confession on Friday, CNN's top news executive
>admitted that the cable news network has been doing propaganda for Saddam
>Hussein for the past 12 years.
>         Eason Jordan,...snip...

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