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April 14, 2003 -- Saddam Hussein's a murderous tyrant that not even a
maniacal son could love.

Despite showering his oversexed son Uday with palaces, yachts, Lamborghinis
and pet lions, the Butcher of Baghdad was apparently unable to buy his
"heart toward my father, not any love or kindness," Uday wrote in a 1990
letter to an uncle, Time magazine reports this week.

"It is difficult being in the family of Hussein," Uday wrote. "People want
to kill us."

A Time reporter found the letter inside a lavish, three-story riverside
house in Baghdad that Uday, 39, used as a "love nest" for his many

Uday feathered that nest with a stash of love letters from his various gal
pals, the report says.

"Remember when you listen to Beethoven's 'Moonlight Sonata,' which I heard
for the first time with you," read one of the letters, which included a
lipstick kiss.

"Whenever anyone asks me about the best days in my life, I will tell them
it was eight months with the best human in the world."

Saddam apparently gave his baby butcher a healthy allowance - the house was
littered with charred $50 and $100 bills a neighbor said Uday "used to
light cigars with."

The report said the house was filled with other mementos of Uday's high
living, including receipts for a solid-gold watch encrusted with "54
full-cut fine diamonds," a Lamborghini Countach sports car, and, from a
1989 New Year's bash, receipts for 12 bottles of gin, 11 cases of beer,
vodka, champagne and Pepsi.

The Time report confirms Uday's love of bombs - included in his video
collection were Timothy Dalton's James Bond flick "License to Kill," the
Gene Hackman flop "Loose Cannons," and an aptly titled Dudley Moore dud,
"Like Father, Like Son."

Also inside the home, which had already been stripped by looters, were
pictures of Uday with his lions, riding a motorcycle in a black leather
jacket, and hanging out in shorts and a cowboy hat.

The loss of his love nest marked the end of a bad week for Uday.

His Baghdad palace was looted, with citizens making off with chandeliers,
golden fixtures, pictures of half-nude women - and even some of his white
Arabian horses. His dad's yacht, where Uday hosted orgies, was also
stripped bare, and he was targeted by coalition bombs.

It's not known if father and son are dead or alive.

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