Maybe you won't want that cell phone back

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Tue Apr 15 03:55:21 MDT 2003

If this were the fate of your cell phone, would you want it back?


Stolen mobile rings in 'body cavity'
By Lester Haines
Posted: 14/04/2003 at 11:20 GMT

Our piece last week on the "Purring Kitty" mobile phone vibrator programme
certainly found favour among many of our readers. This email, from Diana
Lask, was typical of the feedback:

I simply wanted to say a nice "Thank You" for a story detailing a practical
use of today's high tech gadgetry. I do believe that you should post more
of these kinds of stories. Most definitely yes. Yes...YES...Oh MY GOD YEEESSS!

Another satisfied customer. However, we did receive an article from
Jamaica's Western Mirror, dated 19 March, which nicely illustrates that
while vibrating phones may have found a new niche market among the sexually
frustrated, there are times when it is not advisable to conceal modern
gadgetry in one's "body cavity".

Embarrassing does not even begin to describe this. Read on:

Stolen "Cellie" rings in vagina, by Vivian Tyson

Pandemonium broke out at a shopping mall in Negril on Monday, when a
cellular phone which was stolen from a female shopper was found after it
rang from within another shopper's vagina. Some bystanders were amused over
the happenings, but some chided the young woman for sinking so low that she
even embarrassed other women.

The event took place minutes past 1pm, when a woman went into a store in
the popular Negril shopping centre, to purchase an item. On leaving the
store, she realised she had left her cell phone inside after completing her
transaction. According to eyewitnesses, the owner of the phone went back
inside the building to retrieve her communication device but it was missing
from the place that she had left it.

She queried about the phone but the operators and other customers who were
inside the store said they did not see it. While the woman was searching
for her phone, a woman who was acting quite suspiciously, was about to slip
through the door when she was confronted about the incident. She denied
knowledge of the missing phone before stepping outside, but the owner of
the phone and others followed her outside and accosted her once more about
the instrument. Once more, the nervous looking woman denied having
knowledge of it.

A crowd had gathered by then and at that point, one of the women helping in
the search to retrieve the cell phone asked the owner for the number and
began dialling. When the connection was made, the phone was heard ringing
between the woman's legs. She was then held and her underwear partially
removed and the ringing/vibrating phone was found stuck in her body cavity.

The phone was plucked from its hiding place by the irate owner, who told
the crowd she was going to have it properly sanitized before using it
again. According to one man however, "Mi nuh wan' dat deh phone fi use
again, mi would dash it weh."

Yes, we see your point. ®

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