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"Somebody 'Splain This to Me"

Posted by <>Doc Farmer
Saturday, April 12, 2003

      Editor's note: Doc Farmer, who resides and works in Doha, Qatar, has
been spending some of his Arabian nights thinking about the situation back
in the USA, and he'd like for someone to 'splain a few things to him.  In
fact, quite a few things.  He writes:

         I'd like to get some explanations on some things I keep hearing
from the lib/dem/soc/commie group, as well as some quiet musings of my own,
and I hope you'll be kind enough to oblige this query.

How can a war that has lasted three weeks and captured a capital city be a
''quagmire''?  Can folks on the left please define the time frame involved
in a ''quagmire''?

How can a U.S. journalist on the ''Today Show'' publicly hope that Saddam
made it to Syria instead of the U.S. (in custody) or in a grave?  Is she
rooting for Saddam?  And why hasn't she been fired?

How can a U.S. Senator publicly call for a ''regime change'' in the
U.S.?  Does that not sound a little seditious to anybody?

How can a U.S. ex-president (thankfully ex, I'll add) give North Korea the
excuse to attack the U.S.?  Will that certain ex-president, who by the bye
provided North Korea with the ability to build nukes and provided China
with the ability to have better missile guidance technology, be held
accountable for any deaths in the U.S. should North Korea lob a few nukes
at us?

How can ''peace'' activists be for the troops and against the war?  Isn't
that contradictory?

How can ''peace'' marches be for peace, when they're supported by
communist organizations that wish to destroy the United States?  Since the
U.S. keeps the peace in so many places, wouldn't its destruction bring even
greater outbreaks of violence?

How can ''peace'' marches help liberate the people of Iraq?  Do they
believe that Saddam's heart will be touched by their outpouring of emotion?

How can U.S. congressmen, on both sides of the aisle, pile pork onto a bill
that is meant to provide the U.S. military with much needed funds during a
war?  Have they NO shame at all?

How can ''journalists'' say they are unbiased?  Everybody has a bias of one
form or another.  If they lie to themselves like that, can we trust them to
be honest with us?

How can the news media focus on pro-Saddam rallies, and yet ignore
pro-America rallies, if they are so unbiased?  Do they not see an inherent
conflict in their choice of coverage?

How can the news media be ''right wing'' if the only real outlet for that
is Rush Limbaugh?  Don't ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, the New
York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, etc.,
counterbalance his broadcasts in any way?

How can Fox News be ''right wing'' if they actually give BOTH sides of the
story?  Since the aforementioned media outlets only provide one side, what
''wing'' might they be?

How can people on the left HONESTLY believe that Al Gore would have made a
good president?  Especially during and after 9/11?

How can France be called an ally of the United States?  After all they've
done against the U.S. and against the cause of peace, why are we even
dealing with these schmucks?

How can the President continue to think that the United Nations has ANY
relevance in world affairs or crises?  Hasn't the Iraqi situation convinced
him that the U.N. causes more problems than it could ever hope to solve?

How can Hollywood continue to function when so much of what they believe,
nay FEEL, is inherently wrong?  Don't they realize that they're really
ticking off a lot of their fan base, who are supportive of the President,
this war, and the liberation of the Iraqi people?

How can the left refer to the president as ''dumbya,'' or ''stupid'' or
''idiot'' or ''moron,'' etc., when he's smart enough to stop terrorism in
its tracks in all the months after 9/11?  Do they not see that he's got
more brains than they're giving him credit for?

How can Bill Clinton and Jesse Jackson be considered relevant, when they
are so morally deficient and factually incorrect?  Doesn't anybody see that
both these guys are a couple of self-important boobs?

How can New York voters continue to support Hillary Clinton, when she's
refused to appear at any rallies for the U.S. troops?  Doesn't she support
the war and the troops?  She's said that she does.  She's also said that
she doesn't, though.  I wonder which is true.

How can airline security personnel examine Caucasian grannies in
wheelchairs while letting young Middle Eastern males get by without a
second glance?  How many Caucasian grannies in wheelchairs piloted aircraft
into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, exactly?

How can the left deny the fact of better border control as a deterrent to
crime and terrorism?  Is it because that's where they get the vast majority
of their new voters?

How can the left support a death tax?  I mean, I know Franklin said the
only two certainties in life are death and taxes, but I'm pretty sure he
didn't mean AT THE SAME TIME!

How can ''politically correct'' be true?  If it's political, isn't it a
good bet that it couldn't possibly be correct?

How can white people not be ''people of color.''  Isn't white a color?  Or
off-white, tan, or beige?  The only color I know of that isn't really a
color (because it couldn't possibly exist in nature) is what the folks at
Band-Aid refer to as ''flesh tone.''

How can the IAEA insist that Iraq cooperated with inspections when the U.S.
Marines have found so much fissionable material only 18 miles SSE of
Baghdad?  Here's a tip for the folks at the International Atomic Energy
Agency: next time, bring a Geiger counter!

How can Hans Blix have been paid by the U.N. for finding nothing in Iraq,
when the U.S. and Coalition forces are finding so much stuff that he
missed?  Shouldn't the UN demand a refund?  For that matter, shouldn't the

How can folks compare President Bush to Adolph Hitler, when the
comparison is much more appropriate between Saddam Hussein and Adolph
Hitler?  Don't they realize that fascism is just another name for the
political structure of socialism and communism, not conservativism or
capitalism?  That Nazis were/are left-wing, not right?

How can racial profiling be wrong, but racial quotas be right?  Doesn't
this seem the slightest bit disingenuous?

How can democracy be right when it favors the left, but wrong when it
favors the right?  Most of the U.S. supports the war and the president, and
yet the folks on the left try to suppress that.

Oh, and one more thing.

How can this war be wrong when we went to the U.N. and got approval, and
yet Clinton's wars in Kosovo, Iraq, and elsewhere be right when he DIDN'T
go to the U.N. for approval?

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