Too Good To Be True?

Thomas Matiska tom.matiska at ATT.NET
Sat Apr 19 06:47:56 MDT 2003

I'd call it par for the course.  The Dems ran Dukakis for the top office when
his chances of winning an election in his home state were in question.

They tried their best to get keynote speaker Cumo to run for prez when his days
as New York Governor were numbered.  Ditto sweetheart of the next convention,
Anne Richards, who stood a snowballs chance in Texas of getting reelected.

No surprise that Agores lost the White House by failing to carry his home
state.  The '96 election gave fair warning that he was a southerner that
couldn't get elected dog catcher south of the Mason Dixon Line, but the Dems
nominated him anyway.

The cream is supposed to rise to the top, but it seems the National Democratic
party has a taste for sour cream.


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