Home invasion suspect taking dirt nap

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Suspect Killed During Home Invasion

Reported By: Alicia Barnes
Web Editor: Tracey Christensen
Last Modified: 4/16/2003 8:33:58 PM
A gunman who took part in a home invasion ended up dead when one of his
intended victims grabbed his own weapon and opened fire.

Police in Clayton County said two armed men made their way into a unit of
the Tara Court Apartments on Summer Court Drive Tuesday night.

Three people were inside the home, one of whom retrieved a handgun. In the
resulting gun fight, some 25 to 30 rounds were exchanged.

Some of those bullets landed in an apartment next door where Christal Hills
and her 3-year-old son were sleeping.

"Ten minutes after we laid down to sleep, I just heard a lot of commotion
just a lot of beating on the walls and what have you, I heard a couple loud
booms," Hills said. "I got him down on the ground, lay on the floor in the
bathroom, and I laid on the floor and called 911."

"During the exchange of gunfire, several of the rounds went through the
apartment wall and entered the adjacent apartment," said Capt. Jeff Turner.

The mother and son were not injured.

"I feel lucky," Hills said. "Whatever that was in those walls stopped [the
bullets] or we wouldn't be here right now."

With one of the suspects dead, the other intruder fled the scene and
remained on the loose Wednesday.

Police recovered a .357 magnum, .380-caliber, and a 9 millimeter pistol at
the scene.

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