?? Cash Found in Iraq ??

wbwhite wbwhite at MADBBS.COM
Fri Apr 25 04:54:54 MDT 2003

I understand some of the cash is authentic.  Saddam also ran a
sophisticated operation counterfeiting US currency.


"J. Prescott" wrote:

>  i haven't heard any discussion about the large sums of money that has
> been recovered in iraq.  what exactly becomes of this money?  is it
> returned to the US & back into our economy?  is it desposed in some
> way?  what effect does any of it have on our economy?  or is it still
> a small enough sum that it Doesn't really affect the economy at
> all? just lots of questions with no answers.  anyone out there care to
> take a stab at them?  jp Opportunity Only Knocks - YOU have to open
> the Door
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