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               For  those  who were upset by the  ABC  PRIME
          TIME Presentation, "CHILDREN OF WACO," below is  a
          press  release by a participant who felt ABC  mis-
          lead him about the show.  I guess we shouldn't  be
          surprised  this  happened,  since  the  government
          effectively controls the major broadcast media. =

               The producer Rebecca Cooper did a much better
          report  on 11pm LOCAL news where she  pointed  out
          ATF/FBI  flaws  and  did a  good   interview  with
          Cato's  Timothy Lynch who critized the  FBI's  ac-
          tions.  (She actually left me a 4:30 pm voice mail
          about  being  interviewed on the late  night  news
          about this, which I got a couple hours later,  but
          I was too busy fighting TODAY'S government  abuses
          to  call her back!!) Perhaps ABC management  threw
          her  a sop after they mangled her show;  or  maybe
          she  felt guilty and wanted to have  something  to
          show  in  the future if freedom lovers  ever  take
          over the govt. (HA!)

               In DC a couple of us will be meeting  Friday,
          April  18, 3:00 pm at the FBI HQ  on  Pennsylvania
          Avenue  to distribute the Press Release below  and
          take pictures with 10th anniversary signs to  send
          the  prisoners so that they will know a few of  us
          have not forgotten them.  Feel free to drop by  if
          you are in the neighborhood.

               Carol in dc

          (Yes,  my  book  THE DAVIDIAN  MASSACRE  is  still
          available at that site.)

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          Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 16:23:49 -0700

          Press Release

          April 17,2003  4pm MT

          ABC misled children of Waco participants - and now
          the public.

          Bradley H. Borst

          6413 North Lunar Court

          F ort Collins, Colorado 80525
          (970) 207-9704

          The Producer of the ABC Prime Time program, sched-
          uled to air this evening, misrepresented the facts
          of how this program would play out. =

          I was told that we would be allowed to ask an  FBI
          representative  any  questions we'd like  to  ask.
          When  the time came to ask my questions, the  Pro-
          ducer  said I was not allowed to present my  ques-
          tions. =

          This  morning the Good Morning America host,  Cha-
          rles  Gibson stated that, "The children  were  al-
          lowed  to  ask all of their  questions,  even  the
          tough  ones." This did not happen. The whole  tone
          of  the  program  promotional  seen  this  morning
          appeared  to be a sham designed to lay the  entire
          blame  for the events of 4-19-93 on David  Koresh,
          and  in  the process exonerating the  FBI  of  any
          responsibility. This was not the true story  eith-

          I lived at Waco with my mother when I was a  child
          from the age of 13 to 18 when I made the  decision
          to  leave.  My mother stayed behind, and  she  was
          one  of the victims who died at Waco.  I am now  a
          police  officer, and I have submitted evidence  to
          Congress in an attempt to launch a new  investiga-
          tion into my mother's death.

          I  agreed to participate in the ABC show  to  tell
          the truth about who the Branch Davidians were  and
          the involvement of the BATF and FBI.  In February,
          I went to New York for the interview.  =

          During  the  interview,  I was  betrayed  and  the
          program is a misrepresentation of my position  and
          the real story of Waco.  =

          In other promotional advertisements, ABC has  made
          misleading  statements about the Branch  Davidians
          in  what appears to be an attempt to  justify  the
          historical end result. I went into this  interview
          trusting  ABC,  and now I feel like a  victim  all
          over again.

          Due to previous obligations, I will be at a  memo-
          rial in Waco on April 19, 2003.  I can be contact-
          ed  at 970-214-3717 (cell) after 9 AM on the  18th
          of April.

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