?? Cash Found in Iraq ??

John A. Quayle blueoval at SGI.NET
Sat Apr 26 15:58:50 MDT 2003

At 11:34 AM 4/26/2003 +0000, wbwhite wrote:

>     True, (Take a John Quayle bow!)

         Thanks! Don't mind if I do.................

>the fiat paper currency is a type of counterfeiting. However, the Fed R.
>tries to keep track of the other counterfeiters who are not sanctioned and
>shut them down. In general, one renegade is probably easier to comprehend
>and handle than many renegades.

         I like Jim Quinn's take: the government can't stand competitors!

>(Unfortunately, this thinking is probably the basis of Saddam's power in
>Iraq for so many years: How many renegades can a society tolerate before
>it descends into some form of anarchy, ripe for domination internally or
>externally. Afghanistan is a case in point.)

         Fair question...........

>  The US certainly has its own internal challenges.

         Well, a few of us are half-way holding our collective breath until
that fateful day when the public no longer accepts FRNs on faith as
currency. That will be a truly dark day.

John Q.
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