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Exceptions often prove the rule. MCS

"Stephen A. Frye" <s.frye at VERIZON.NET> wrote:Very Interesting. Didn't we have a president who was an actor?

>But the best category we've saved for last.
>Ironically, we all know that it probably takes less intelligence to
>succeed as an actor than at any other profession. Nevertheless, actors
>have decided to become the chief critics and judges of the Bush
>presidency. If your mind is hardly working, there is no doubt that you can
>still succeed as an actor. If you compared the IQ rating of all the
>professions in the world, the acting professional would probably be
>identified with a lower number than the job of shoveling snow. At least
>shoveling snow requires the brains to handle a shovel whereas acting
>requires no ability to handle anything.
>Shoveling snow also requires a man to work alone making his own decisions.
>An actor is not required to think at all. Before he says a word the
>director tells him how to say it and since it takes three months to shoot
>a movie an actor only has to learn how to say a total of one sentence a
>day and he doesn't even have to memorize it. A script girl is at his side
>to repeat the line to him every 90 seconds because the director does not
>have enough confidence in his ability to remember it. If he gets it wrong,
>he has an average of three days to correct it, and after spending a month
>with this kind of intellectual challenge he comes out an expert on foreign
>policy, the chief architect of what to do with the environment, how to
>handle North Korea, and, despite his never having read a book unless there
>was a part for him in the movie, he also becomes an authority on the
>subject of nuclear proliferation.
>Moreover, he attacks the President everyday about the war in Iraq, even
>though if he were asked to look at a map and identify Iraq he would
>probably point to Pittsburgh. An actor is the living proof that talking
>has nothing to do with intelligence. And that a big mouth can work
>perfectly with a small mind.

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