They Nailed It!

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Sun Apr 27 14:36:03 MDT 2003

Sure and they did now.


"John A. Quayle" wrote:

> Plain Speak
> By Jackie Mason & Raoul Felder
> Published 4/25/2003 12:04:00 AM
> If you were to say that President Bush will be recorded in history as
> one of America's greatest Presidents, three out of four people would
> either laugh, smirk, or break out in a sweat. Are you serious? they
> would say. Have you ever heard him talk? How could a fumbling talker
> be called a great President? They'd take your remark as a personal
> insult.
> Somehow these easily insulted people never think of asking this simple
> question: Who ever proved that fluency in speech has anything to do
> with intelligence? Only a lack of intelligence would make someone
> believe there's a correlation. The "Bushisms" that characterize the
> president's mixed-up speech have exposed nothing about Bush. They've
> only exposed and revealed the ignorance of so many Americans. If it
> were true that a smooth talker is a better thinker, the IQ of a
> used-car salesman would be ten times higher than Albert Einstein's.
> Moreover, the guy on television selling tapes that will enable you to
> buy up a whole city of real estate even without 10 cents in your
> pocket would win a Pulitzer Prize in philosophy.

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