Class Envy Leads To Hate

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Tue Apr 29 17:08:53 MDT 2003

Sounds a lot like Je$$ie ja¢k$son's standard fundraising methodology.
My econ teacher was a bore.  You were lucky.

On Sun, 27 Apr 2003 22:54:26 -0400 "John A. Quayle" <blueoval at SGI.NET>
>[Folks: As you may or may not know, Ralph Reiland taught me Economics as
>undergrad student at Robert Morris. Besides being a brilliant economic
>mind, Reiland would weave his trademark deadpan humor into lectures plus
>illustrating the absurd with absurdity. Taking his course was a real
>- John Q.]
><>Jewish World Review May 22, 2002 /
>Sivan, 5762
>Ralph R. Reiland
>The economics of terrorism:
>When class envy leads to hate
> -- David Brooks, a senior editor at The
>Weekly Standard, calls it "bourgeoisophobia" --- the hatred of
>most particularly the hatred of commercial achievement. In no small
>it's the kind of mindset that pushed Mohammed Atta to smash a
>plane into the World Trade Center, the kind of resentment that drives
>Arab street to cheer when a 10-year-old blows himself up in a trendy
>Israeli discotheque.
>Brooks points to the anti-bourgeois stance of the French
>intelligentsia in
>the 19th century: "Around 1830, a group of French artists and

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