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[Folks: It appears as though the electorate in California is rather hot
under the collar. There are several Californians on this list. What's the
real deal?!? - JAQ]

                                  Californians Scramble to Oust Gov. Davis?

         NewsMax's many California readers have been buzzing for more
information about a brief UPI item we ran describing a bipartisan coalition
to recall corrupt and extremely unpopular Gov. Gray Davis. Here's the
inside scoop.

         Melanie Morgan of radio station KSFO in San Francisco tells
NewsMax that she got the ball rolling when, in a recent interview with
California GOP chairman Shawn Steele, she suggested an effort to recall Davis.

         "He investigated it, and discovered that with the low voter
turnout, we need just 675,000 signatures for a recall. The law says that we
can't officially begin until six months after Davis was inaugurated. June
1, we're off and running.

         "Steele is going to introduce the recall effort at the California
Republican convention next month. In the meantime, Steele has enlisted
former Carter pollster Pat Caddell to handle a Dump Davis democrat petition
drive. Right/Left Coalition is born!" Morgan writes.

         Thousands of volunteers have already contacted Steele to
participate, Morgan reveals.

         All it takes is 675,000 fed-up Californians? Gray, you might want
to start hunting for a new job. Perhaps the state tax collector is hiring
bureaucrats to haul in the huge tax increases you're shoving down the
people's throats.

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