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Mon Feb 3 14:10:38 MST 2003

Clinton's "economy" was a chimera perched atop the bulwark of Reagan's real economy and of legislative Republicans who held the Zipper's nose to the wheel. Forty-five is, however, about the age when delusional people begin to buy Snake Oil for real and imagined ailments.
 carl william spitzer iv <cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM> wrote:"I trust Bush with my daughter, but I trust Clinton with my job."

- Craig Patterson, a 45-year-old ironworker in St. Louis worried
about dwindling construction jobs, compares U.S. Presidents.

Quoted in 'Running Fast Into the Past' by Maureen Dowd, New York
Times, 1/15/03.


what do you expect from the NY times.


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