Rev. Al's A Little *TICKED*!

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Sounds as if he is at least acknowledging the Brawley episode to be a
scandal.  This is positive movement on his part, even though he is
trying to manipulate the press.  He didn't get where his is today by not
knowing how to cut a deal.


"John A. Quayle" wrote:

> Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2003 12:52 p.m. EST Sharpton: I Want Clinton,
> Kennedy Scandal Protection Citing the media's reluctance to confront
> Senators Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy about scandal skeletons in
> their closet, Democratic presidential candidate Rev. Al Sharpton
> demanded Monday that the press give him the same pass on ethical
> questions about his past. "The next time anybody wants to know about
> Tawana Brawley, I'm going to ask them, 'Do you ask Teddy Kennedy about
> Chappaquiddick? Do you ask Hillary Clinton about her husband?'" the
> firebrand reverend complained to Newsday columnist Jimmy Breslin,
> while he was preparing for his Martin Luther King Day commemoration.
> During an appearance nine days ago on "Meet the Press," host Tim
> Russert grilled the Harlem-based presidential candidate relentlessly
> on the 1986 Tawana Brawley rape imbroglio. But the NBC Washington
> bureau chief, who has interviewed Sen. Clinton on several occasions,
> has yet to question her about a still-outstanding rape allegation
> lodged against her husband in 1999. And neither has any other
> reporter. In fact, the account given by Clinton rape accuser Juanita
> Broaddrick to reporter Lisa Myers should have been a major NBC
> exclusive. But Russert and other network decision-makers sat on the
> news until after the Wall Street Journal scooped their story. Sen.
> Kennedy granted a lengthy interview to ABC's "This Week" last Sunday.
> But host George Stephanopoulos declined to raise the Chappaquiddick
> scandal, where the Massachusetts Democrat left campaign aide Mary Jo
> Kopechne to drown in a car that he had driven of[conservativefriends]
> Fwd Sha.ems f a bridge - while swimming to safety himself. Though
> Sharpton didn't mention the racial disparity specifically, his
> comments are sure to fuel speculation about whether race has anything
> to do with the decision by white reporters to give white Democrats
> like Mrs. Clinton a pass, while repeatedly pressing the leading black
> candidate about a 16-year-old controversy.
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