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yea sorry about that. I have to admit that I liked the story so much, I forwarded it before I read ALL the way to the bottom. I promise I won't do that again. Don't boot me off, k?

Sue ;o(
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  I'd more, but I have some praying to do. 


   Sue Rojas <suerojas at MINDSPRING.COM> wrote: 

    This is interesting. An article from my dad.



    A Christian as a President...

    Whether you do, or do not, like George W. Bush as our President, this
    message reveals some interesting plateaus he has reached.

    First, an observation. Have you noticed a difference in the salute given
    by our military men and women as President Bush walks by? Most folks
    would not notice anything, but those of us who have served in the
    military see  it right away.

    Next time pay close attention when President Bush leaves his helicopter
    or Air Force One, the honor guards salute and face him as he disembarks,
    then turn their faces towards him as he passes by. They continue to
    salute his back as he walks away. This kind of salute has not been seen
    in the previous eight years, though it is customary courtesy to the

    You see, soldiers aren't required to tur! n and face a President as they
    salute. They are not required to salute his back. They are only required
    to salute. They can remain face-forward the entire time. And that is
    what they did during the previous administration. Our soldiers were
    forced to obey his orders, but they were not forced to respect him. From
    their salutes, we can surmise that they did not.

    Why is such respect afforded to President Bush? He doesn't even know how
    to bite his lower lip and get teary-eyed whenever he speaks!

    The following incident from Major General Van Antwerp may give us an
    insight.. Gen. Antwerp is president of the Officers' Christian
    Fellowship. He lost nearly all his staff when the Pentagon was attacked
    September 11. His executive officer LTC Brian Birdwell was badly burned
    and was in the hospital when President Bush visited him. Our President
    spent time and prayed with Brian. As he was getting ready to leave, he
    went to the foot of Brian'! s bed and saluted. He held his salute until
    Brian was able to raise his burned and bandaged arm, ever so slowly, in

    The Commander-in-Chief almost never initiates a salute, except in the
    case of a Congressional Medal of Honor winner. The injured soldier did
    not have to return the salute. But he did, out of respect to his
    President ...a Soldiers' President.

    Congressman JC Watts (R. Oklahoma) said, "Character is doing the right
    thing when nobody is looking," (My favorite quote of all time). The
    nation and world learned some of what our last President did when nobody
    was looking. That President has been disbarred, the worst disgrace
    (other than imprisonment) to a lawyer. CNN will have a difficult time
    shining his or his wife's tarnished images.

    In this time of war and danger, I am so grateful to have a President
    whom the soldiers salute -- fully. 

    On Special Report with Brit Hume, at the close of the show when t! hey
    normally have some funny video clip, they showed President Bush and the
    First Lady on their way to Maine to leave for Camp David for the
    weekend. As the video starts, the First Lady is leading the way into the
    Helicopter with the spaniel dog on the leash, and the president is right
    behind her with the Scotty on the leash. As the First Lady entered the
    chopper, the Marine at the gangway saluted and held his salute. The
    Scottie that the president was walking, decided it wanted to sit just
    when he got to the steps. The president pulled on its leash, but the
    stubborn Scottie persisted in sitting. The president bent down and
    scooped up the pooch and entered Marine One. After he entered, the
    Marine cut his salute and returned to the position of attention. Moments
    later the President reemerged from the helicopter and out onto the
    steps. The Marine was standing at attention, head and eyes straight
    ahead. The President leaned over and tappe! d him on the left arm. The
    startled Marine turned his body toward the President and received his
    returned salute! 

      I was so impressed by this true act of respect for our military people
    by our President! He really does get it. Most any other person of his
    stature would have just continued his journey, disregarding the
    neglected return salute. Not George W. Bush. He is earning the respect
    of the military community, not expecting it -- as most have and would.

    President George W. Bush, the man who admitted to having a drinking
    problem in younger years, and whose happy-go-lucky lifestyle led him to
    mediocre grades in college and an ill-fated oil venture. Who mangled
    syntax, and whose speaking missteps became known as "Bushisms." He came
    within a hair's breadth of losing the election in November 2000.

    Bush named Jesus Christ as Lord of his life on public TV. Not an Oblique
    reference to being "born-again" or having a "life! change." He actually
    said the un-PC-like phrase, "Jesus Christ!" 

    On September 11, he was thrust into a position only known by the likes
    of  Roosevelt, Churchill, Lincoln, and Washington. The weight of the
    world was on his shoulders, and the responsibility of a generation was
    on his soul.

    So President George W. Bush walked to his seat at the front of the
    National Cathedral just three days after two of the most impressive
    symbols of American capitalism and prosperity virtually evaporated. When
    the history of this time is written, it will be acknowledged by friend
    and foe alike that President George W. Bush came of age in that
    cathedral and lifted a nation off its knees. In what was one of the most
    impressive exhibitions of self-control in presidential history,
    President George W. Bush was able to deliver his remarks without losing
    his resolve, focus, or confidence. God's hand, which guided him through
    that sliver-thin e! lection, now rested fully on him. As he walked back to
    his seat, the camera angle was appropriate. He was virtually alone in
    the scene, alone in that massive place with God, just him and the Lord.

    Back at his seat, George H. Bush reached over and took his son's hand.
    In that gesture his father seemed to say, "I wish I could do this for
    you, son, but I can't. You have to do this on your own." President
    George W. Bush squeezed back and gave him a look of peace that said, "I
    don't have to  do it alone, Dad. I've got Help." What a blessing to have
    a professing Christian as President.

    Please take a moment after you read this to "pray for him." He truly
    does have the weight of the world on his shoulders. Pray that God will
    sustain him and give him wisdom and discernment in his decisions. Pray
    for his protection and that of his family.

    And after you have prayed, send this to everyone on your e-mail list.

    Our President nee! ds Christians, Democrats and Republicans alike, to be
    praying for him. As this makes the e-mail rounds, eventually there could
    literally be millions of people praying for him, and for our Great

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