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Wed Feb 5 12:25:56 MST 2003

          From: "Sandra Crosnoe" <scrosnoe at>
          Dear Friends,

          I  just  posted a message on our web site and  want  to
     take  this  opportunity to let you know of some  recent  en-
     hancements there  Thanks to the  superhuman
     efforts of Phillip Hall our web site is now much easier  for
     multiple  people  to access and update. We  have  some  more
     goals  - like a search engine, bulletin board, and  archives
     loaded,  but  since we are all volunteer and all  busy  with
     many  things  - we will just keep on doing the best  we  are
     able to do.

          In  the  meantime, enjoy surfing the net with  Ada,  or
     downloading "The Rat in the Hat" (a delightfully illustrated
     booklet  that  unmasks the system), or checking  up  on  the
     location of the Liberty Bell Replica that ACT cares for  and
     makes available for events.  The opening page for the  links
     section is missing right now but the individual sections all
     work and hopefully the opening page will be corrected soon.

          My  suggested reading for the remnant is  posted  front
     and  center on the web site.  I hope you will take  time  to
     explore  the new sections and drop us a note about what  you
     like or don't or if you find any problems!

          With  Love and Prayers for a Most Prosperous  New  Year
     Serving the Lord with Joy and Great Gladness

          Sandra Crosnoe for
          Associated Conservatives of Texas

          PS   If you would like to have some fun  with  internet
     fireworks try out this link (the faster you click - the bet-
     ter it gets!

          email:    scrosnoe at      (new)
          email2:  scrosnoe at (deleting soon)
          online:   sandiec99 at
          phone:  972-278-2511 voice/fax/msg

          consultant:  Primary Financial Svc & Assoc
          director:  Associated Conservatives of Texas

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