carl william spitzer iv cwsiv_2nd at JUNO.COM
Fri Feb 7 20:53:05 MST 2003

I hope your right.  Anything else would surely result in nuclear doom for


On Mon, 3 Feb 2003 13:28:09 -0700 Jim Nantz <jnantz2 at GETNET.NET> writes:
>It's probably their way to persuade people to leave the fragments
>alone.  There are people who would like to collect pieces of the
>shuttle.  Telling people these pieces are toxic might be a way to
>discourage people from taking the pieces they find.  It would be
>unfortunate if they couldn't find the piece that would tell them what
>happened because someone found it and took it home.
>At 10:45 AM 2/3/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>>Only if they could compromise the ground crew.  I do wonder about the
>>claims of toxicity?  Are they worried about RED mercury like that
>>in flight 800?  Or is this the typical washington coverup preceeding

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