war without France is like...

Rob Loach deloges at ATT.NET
Wed Feb 12 19:56:46 MST 2003

I received something this morning from a dear friend in France, and I'd
like to share it with you. It has to do with France's opposition to war
with Iraq. When I told a colleague (a history prof) today about what I'd
received, I heard the comment, "But we *need* the French! We need someone
to show the Iraqis how to surrender!"

Now, don't get me wrong, as a French teacher who has many family members I
love in France and many French friends, I've still got to admit that I find
this thing quite humorous. I think some of you will get a chuckle out of it
too, and welcome it as some comic relief in an otherwise heavy
considerations.  Enjoy or delete....

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I think the last time France wanted "more evidence," it rolled into Paris
with swastikas on it.

Going to war without the French is like...

is like deja-vu!

is like boarding a submarine without a parachute

is like planning the Normandy Invasion without Yves St-Laurent

is like taking a shower without a blow dryer

is like going on your honeymoon without your mother-in-law

is like a 9-11 benefit concert without Hillary Clinton

is like going into the ninth inning without your place-kicker

is like negotiating without Jimmy Carter

is like going to a restaurant without a condescending, gender-disoriented
maitre d'

is like not having to worry about the enemy doing an end-run around your
eastern flank

is like Texas barbecue without a croissant

is like flying without an anchor

is like ... I'm sorry ... war without *whom*?

is like going to a MENSA convention without James Carville

is like ... preferable!

is like going to the mall without your husband

is like going to France without a war

is like ... what's the point?

is like going to Hawaii without your snowshoes

is like a Super Bowl party without pate de foie gras

is like 20th century military history!

And since Germany opposes the US in this also, I'll add ...

going to war without German is like ... a real switch! So many countries
have had the experience of going to war *with* Germany!

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