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THE LEFT COAST REPORT: A Political Look at Hollywood
By James Hirsen
Feb. 11, 2003

A NewsMax Report

Headlines (Scroll down for complete stories):
1. “Start Me Up” Bubba
2. Rainman Rants Abroad
3. Gere Suffers from Bubba Backlash
4. Buxom Beauties Weigh In
5. PETA and the Palestinians
6. Elton’s Condoms for Kids Campaign
7. Healthy Hints from Heather Graham

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1. “Start Me Up” Bubba

Concertgoers were ready to rock. They were at the Staples Center in Los 
Angeles, waiting to see the aging dons of rock ‘n’ roll, those maestros of 
quasi-rebel boomer music, the Rolling Stones.

Then the opening act was announced. And who came in to do a speech on 
global warming, of all things? It was none other than the superintendent of 
sleaze himself – Bill Clinton. Never mind that the famed group burns enough 
fossil fuel on its concert tour to power a Third World country for a year.

Stones fans got to hear some real doomsday gems from Clinton, such as the 
warning that we’d all better hurry and “stop the planet from burning up.”

One can just imagine that the crowd was mesmerized by this bit of Clinton 
preaching: “The old energy economy that's cheating us as a planet is very 
well organized, highly centralized, rich as can be and very well 
politically connected.”

And no doubt, they were further wowed by this sermonizing: “And the new 
energy future is decentralized, entrepreneurial and needs people like you 
to say, ‘Give me a clean car, give me solar shingles to put on my roof - 
give me a clean future.’”

Lisa Kudrow, Leonardo DiCaprio, Pierce Brosnan and Rob Reiner were some of 
the celebs who were in attendance and were probably nodding at the Slick 
One in approval.

Bubba’s speech was followed by a Stones set, which featured “Start Me Up,” 
“Street Fighting Man” and “You Got Me Rocking.”

The Left Coast Report always knew that the “X”-prez wanted to be a rock 
star. Wonder what’s next on Bill’s agenda – opening a Michael Jackson 
concert with a lecture on parenting?


2. Rainman Rants Abroad

During an acceptance speech for the Empire Film Awards in the U.K., Dustin 
Hoffman apparently thought it was the perfect time to launch a few epithets 
at actor Hugh Grant and President Bush.

It seems that Hoffman was upset at Grant for daring to yawn while he was 
speaking. While looking in Grant’s direction, Hoffman said, “Yeah, he 
really is a pr---.”

Hoffman’s spokesperson told the New York Daily News that he “was joking.” 
No such attempt was made to spin the anti-Bush comment.

Hoffman said the Bush administration was “manipulating the grief of the 
country” after Sept. 11. He went on to say, “I think that's reprehensible 
The president's real motives for going to war are power and oil.”

The Left Coast Report thinks that Hoffman must be working on “Rain Man II.”


3. Gere Suffers from Bubba Backlash

According to New York Magazine, after Hillary left an American Foundation 
for AIDS Research event, Richard Gere lobbed the following remark out in 
his speech: “Senator Clinton, I'm sorry, your husband did nothing for AIDS 
for eight years.”

Did we hear that right? A Hollywood star saying something tangentially 
critical of St. Hillary?

Apparently so. The Washington Post reported that there were gasps from the 
crowd. Sharon Stone, Ralph Lauren, Natasha Richardson and Lorne Michaels 
were in the audience and were probably some of the stunned ones there.

Sen. Christopher Dodd took on Gere with one of his typically vacuous 
remarks. “He’s such a jerk,” Dodd said, minus any grace that you’d expect 
of an elder statesman.

The senator added: “That was just rude. I would love to get him and Hillary 
in a room alone together. Let’s see what would happen then.”

The Left Coast Report can see it now, Gere and Clinton locked in a room 
alone together 
 In this corner, tap dancing his way to the Tibet 
meditation marathon 
 and in this corner, fast dancing her way into the 
Senate and onto the Armed Services Committee ...


4. Buxom Beauties Weigh In

It looks as if more than 10,000 women wouldn’t mind busting CBS in the 
chops. Apparently, a sizable number of ladies have a petition going on the 
Internet, demanding that “CBS provide equal time to plus-size women in 
America and air the Lane Bryant lingerie fashion show.”

The letter argues that CBS could bring in a whole new audience and help the 
self esteem of plenty of folks at the same time. It notes: “It is widely 
believed that media images of very thin women have a significant effect on 
body image in young girls. This feeling of inadequacy can lead to excessive 
exercise, starvation diets, drug abuse and deadly eating disorders. By 
depicting real, healthy ‘average’ women, CBS could have a substantially 
positive impact on the body image of millions of women across the country.”

The show in question is Lane Bryant’s “Intimate Apparel Runway Show.” The 
program features models of a more realistic variety, wearing similar 
outfits to those of a couple of months ago that were also seen on CBS.

You probably recall that the network aired models of the more svelte kind 
in the “Victoria's Secret’s” lingerie show that was billed as “the sexiest 
night on TV.”

The Left Coast Report believes that in an industry dedicated to diversity, 
this idea seems like an enormously good one.


5. PETA and the Palestinians

It’s about time the terror-mongering Yasser Arafat heard from People for 
the Ethical Treatment of Animals. But who would have thought it would be in 
this manner?

It seems that a letter was dispatched recently from PETA to Yasser. The 
PETA folks were upset because of a Jan. 26 bombing that took place in 

Were they disturbed by the death and destruction that terrorism of this 
type causes? Well, sort of. Apparently, a donkey died.

PETA prez Ingrid Newkirk wrote the letter that was faxed to Arafat's 
headquarters in Ramallah. So reports the Washington Post.

“Your Excellency, we have received many calls and letters from people 
shocked at the bombing
All nations behave abominably in many ways when they 
are fighting their enemies, and animals are always caught in the crossfire. 
The U.S. Army abandoned thousands of loyal service dogs in Vietnam. 
Al-Qaeda and the British government have both used animals in hideously 
cruel biological weaponry tests. We watched on television as stray cats in 
your own compound fled as best they could from the Israeli bulldozers 
you have the opportunity, will you please add to your burdens my request 
that you appeal to all those who listen to you to leave the animals out of 
this conflict?”

When Newkirk was asked why she didn’t try to get Arafat to quit blowing up 
innocent civilians, women and kids, she responded, “It's not my business to 
inject myself into human wars.”

The Left Coast Report wonders how PETA can poke its nose into every other 
freakin’ aspect of our lives – our food, clothing, medicine and hobbies – 
but when it comes to homicidal maniacs killing innocent people, it’s none 
of the group’s business?


6. Elton’s Condoms for Kids Campaign

Elton John is out campaigning for condoms. His Elton John AIDS Foundation 
has joined with the MAC AIDS Fund to finance a safe-sex campaign, which 
targets the young.

As part of the promotion efforts, Elton is set to appear with singer Mary 
J. Blige and Shirley Manson of the rock group Garbage. No word yet on 
whether additional Garbage mates will show up also.

Thirty-second spots that feature the celebrities will begin airing Feb. 19 
on MTV and VH1. They’re supposed to air on BET in the future as well.

Each ad pictures a stark room with a white bed, interspersed with shots of 
the stars in the company of 100 New York teens. “If you don’t respect 
yourself,” Blige says, “who will?”

All three PSAs end with the warning: “AIDS Ain’t Over.”

The Left Coast Report hopes kids get a better message than this from their 
parents and their places of worship. Abstinence makes the heart keep beating.


7. Healthy Hints from Heather Graham

Heather Graham is promoting her new flick, “The Guru.” The movie is the 
tale of an Indian dance teacher who’s living in America and is mistaken for 
a swami.

The dance teacher earns the nickname “the guru” when he accidentally 
becomes involved in the porn industry.

Maybe it’s because porn is the subplot, but Graham is out sharing her free 
attitudes about sex. She told the Fort Lauderdale weekly City Link, “When 
you think about healthy sexuality, I just think our culture is repressed.”

The actress continues with her psychoanalysis of society. “I just don’t 
think we feel that comfortable talking about it. It’s still taboo. And 
then, when we do express it, it’s all about porno movies and strip clubs. 
Why can’t sexuality be something to celebrate, be normal and great? Why 
does it have to be dark? There’s no good middle ground.”

Graham grew up in Milwaukee and says her Catholic background taught her 
that the purpose of sex is procreation, and that women aren’t supposed to 
have sexual desires. “Some people believe that, but it’s a weird message to 
give human beings,” she laments.

It seems as though Graham has absorbed a new set of values from being 
around Tinseltown. “I think that some of those right-wing people who are 
saying these things and have that really hard attitude about sex are the 
people who are doing the most creepy things on the side. It’s this weird, 
closeted, hypocritical thing: ‘Sex is wrong, and we must have family 
values, blah, blah.’ And some of these people are molesting children and 
having millions of affairs with strippers.” Sounds as if Heather knows some 
really promiscuous right-wingers.

Graham believes that she had a sexually related religious experience. “I 
felt my own sexuality as being spiritual. I felt love and sex combined with 
a feeling of spirituality. I thought, ‘Wow, all my life, I thought this was 
such a bad thing.’ But then, I felt connected to God. I felt like it was a 
moment of sexual healing.”

The Left Coast Report suspects Heather has worn out her Marvin Gaye CD.

The Left Coast Report is put together by James L. Hirsen and the staff of 
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